Our unique Delmarva bay habitat

Here are some pictures of the east wooded wetland at our property. This is such a unique habitat, known locally as a Delmarva bay. It is only a few hundred feet away from the edge of Pepper Creek, and on the topography map it sits a mere 2–3 feet above sea level. Each time it rains it fills with water, but once the rain subsides the fresh water slowly seeps out over several days, and it stays as a low, perpetually moist area. This is a specialized habitat for flora and fauna alike.

The fern that thrives here is Woodwardia areolata, known commonly as netted chain fern. It is an indicator of areas that stay perpetually moist but not in standing water. Also naturally present are Viola blanda and Carex lurida. 

Because of this unique set of circumstances, we are also planning to feature a moss garden nearby. The orange flags note areas where I have trialed other native plants requiring consistent moisture.