Volunteers plant 45 trees in the woodland and woodland border

On November 1st and 2nd  a number of volunteers helped Gregg Tepper our Director of Horticulture plant 45 redbuds, dogwoods, arrowwoods, sweet bay magnolias, viburnum and fringe trees in the woodlands and woodland border.  The volunteers that helped November 1st included Janet Point, Sam Cashdollar, Kurt Schaab, Don Klima, Don Duca, Ed Palmerino, Mardis Thompson, Angela Schaab, Karen Dudley, Cheryl Quirk, Donna Buono, Peggie Ravida, Su Fiske, Lia Xhilone, Jeanette Akhter, Liz Hollyfield, and Jane Rice,

It was a big effort that required more planting the next day  The volunteers that helped November 2nd included Kurt and Angela Schaab, Jeanette Akhter, Mardi Thompson, Craig Haggerty, Betsy Kuharich and Kit Fecko.

Ray Bojarski arrived with his camera to record all the fun depicted above.