Governor Markell briefed on the Delaware Botanic Gardens

The Delaware Botanic Gardens board and their corporate partners briefed Governor Jack Markell on January 28, 2014, in his statehouse office in Dover.

The cordial discussion capped a series of meetings with executive and legislative branch leaders, who all gave DBG enthusiastic support. The governor expressed his thanks to the board and corporate partners for their work representing the best of Delaware—citizens coming together in recognition of a public need and working with public and private leaders throughout the state to make a valuable addition to Delaware: a world-class botanic garden.

The mission of the DBG is to create inspirational, educational, and sustainable public gardens in Delmarva for the benefit and enjoyment of all.  The Delaware Botanic Gardens will be located on 37 acres, including 1,010 feet of tidal waterfront on Pepper Creek, on Piney Neck Road in Sussex County. DBG has embarked on a ten-year, three-phase plan to bring a public garden to our state.

Caption: From left to right, Gerald T. Doherty, vice president, EDiS; Raymond J. Sander, treasurer, DBG; Sheryl J. Swed, vice president, DBG; Mark H. Davidson, associate vice president, Pennoni Associates; Michael J. Zajic, president, DBG; Governor Jack Markell; Susan Ryan, director, DBG; Betty Deacon, director, DBG; Elizabeth C. Zajic, director, DBG; Gregory D.Tepper, director of horticulture, DBG (titles as of 2014).